AAPL: the stock ticker symbol for Apple, Inc.

The AAPL Collection began by chance in 1996 when Jimmy was in university in the United States. He drove a friend to the university surplus store where they sold old furniture and equipment, including computers. There he stumbled across an original 1984 Macintosh 128K. At the time, computers were sold by weight: black & white computers for $1/lb and color computers for $2/lb.

He paid $20 for the Macintosh and took it back to his dorm room to use as decoration. Unfortunately it was not working so it stayed under his bed for a year before he met someone in the University IT department who had a spare logic board. Once this little Mac was working, Jimmy decided to visit the surplus store again and see what else he could find. And thus began a 25 year search for vintage Apple computers, printers, displays, and accessories resulting in The AAPL Collection.

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